Tuesday, April 19, 2011


A birthday message to my sister (and keen reader of the blog, mind you!) in Boston.
Dear Fiona,

Happy Birthday! I’m not so sure how happy you’ll be to see me wearing your skirt and scarf, but it was a once off occasion I assure you! But...I was going for a...cough...Audrey Hepburn sort of thing, and surely, as a fan I thought you would appreciate my attempts...
I am at home today and trying to study. I started reading Wide Sargosso Sea – should have read this ages ago, I think I mentioned it before – but it’s short and exceptionally well written. I’ll let you know how I get on with it.
I have the Art Soc exhibition tonight, looking forward to it. And it’s sunny here and you are missing the snooker! I am sure you are keeping tabs though!
Sammy is being annoying – dramatic and silly and generally quite bold, you know how he is though. And that cat Mikado! Ran into the house the other day and ate Sam’s food! Who knew animals could be so bothersome?!
Anyway, I hope you have a good day, looking forward to seeing you soon – films will be watched again!

Lots of love,
Kat x


Fiona said...

Thank you so much for dedicating an entry of your blog to me Kathryn! I don't mind at all that you are stealing my clothes- your outfit is so amazing and Hepburnesque that you have to be forgiven!

Kat said...

Aw shucks, glad you liked it :)

Laura said...

That suitcase! I must have it!

Eva said...

Aw this is so sweet and I love this look!! Hope your minding yourself dear, i'm back again thursday! Can't wait to meet up this weekend :) x

Nicky Harris said...

I love the scarf and the skirt. I'm wondering if I can pull this look off. Think I'll have a go over the week end and do some old fashioned dressing up just for fun.

Zoë said...

Wide Sargasso Sea is incredible! I was really scathing of it the first time round as a starry eyed seventeen year old in love with the idea of Mr. Rochester. But as the years went on and I read snippers from The Madwoman in the Attic and learnt more about the diagnosis of female hysteria in the nineteenth century, I had to re-read it from a more enlightened perspective. Have you seen the two film adaptions? I enjoyed them both too, though the nineties one is a but Dannielle Steele esque (its a guilty pleasure for me!)

Anonymous said...

awh love this 'tres fabulous darling'