Thursday, April 14, 2011

the... dare I say it...must have

I hate ‘fashion phrases’ like ‘what’s hot/what’s not’, ‘in’, ‘out’, ‘bang on trend’ and ‘must have’. They make me want to vom all over the place. And while I generally try to refrain from such moronic jargon, I will wheel out the ‘must have’ term on this occasion.

I was shopping a few weeks back in Topshop with Mummy Dearest when I saw the above sleeveless top with exposed zip in coral, and despite its seemingly non-descript quality, I really really wanted it. I didn’t actually buy it though (Mother wasn’t convinced by the 'sheer simplicity'),  and I am now residing in utter regret. Goddammit.

This top is ....a ‘must have’ though. It is the epitome of what we want to wear right now. And while it is so very simple – no designs, no frills, no details, no gimics –, it is this very simplicity that attracted me to it. And of course, the clean, bright colour.

The colour is particularly the element that elevates this from ‘meh sleeveless top’ to ‘oooh sleeveless top’. I know its a thing for colour to be the ‘story of the season’ (more of that talk...bear with me!) for s/s and even more so this year. I want to pair one of these tops with my long grey jersey skirt in a sort of homage to the show of the season (and one which I predict will resonate for good while to come), Jil Sander. Colour and Simplicity have never appealed more.


My Third Cousin and Sarah said...

I totally agree I feel my style has reverted to simplicity recently! xx

Elle said...

It does just beg to become a Jil Sander recreation, and who am I to refuse! x

Sarah said...

Those tops are very pretty. You should definitely go back to Topshop and purchase one (or all three). I bet those colours really suit you.

I'm really liking the burst of colours that are popping up all over the high street, and the simplicity of these garments. Too much detail with bright colours can often make clothes look a bit WAG-gy, in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

I have to say that I am in LOVE with those tops, am thinking of buying myself one in a few weeks' time...

I love the simplicity of them, too. Now all I need to get is a simple, floaty skirt!

Julia @ Retro Jules