Sunday, March 20, 2011

why paint?

Henri Matisse, 1905, Woman with a Hat

I study art history, and  my classes are predominantly concerned with the question: "Why paint?". "Why paint when we have photography?, "Why paint when we have film?", "Why paint when we can shove a load of stuff onto the canvas instead?", "Why paint when when it no longer has a place in society?", "Why paint  we can make art from physical objects now?" , "Why paint when we are no longer able to distinguise good/bad art?". etc etc

This is one of my favourite paintings.
The colour. The colour. The colour.
And I think it pretty much answers the question: "Why paint?".


Aldina said...

This is a beautiful painting :)The color use is gorgeous

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Circle of Design Fashion Illustration

Sienna said...

that was a great post.... and a beautiful painting

ana said...

oh this is such a lovely post

My Third Cousin and Sarah said...

Love this post. Nice to know someone is still inetrested in art eh you hear that KANT??

The Shopping Forecast said...

Gorgeous- this is art at its best!!

Garnish with the Bizarre said...

Why paint? Why not!! Excellent post. We're quite fond of you over here at Garnish with the Bizarre.

b. said...

This painting is wildly colored, but so beautiful... The bright, exuberant and unrealistic palette is just amazing !