Sunday, February 13, 2011

the beautiful ones

Morrissey, David Bowie, Jarvis Cocker,
Paul Weller, Brett Anderson, Paul Weller,
Jarvis Cocker, Alex James, Brett Anderson,
Jarvis Cocker, Morrissey, Alex James, David Bowie

"English men are more effete - than those of other cultures. From Byron to Shelley to Jarvis Cocker by way of Morrissey, the English affection for the Dandy, the fop and the long - haired, snake - hipped male lives on."
- Luella Bartley, Luella's Guide to English Style

And so, I quote Luella again. I think this is going to happen A LOT.
But, she's right though, isn't she?
There is this certain type of elegant male rock star that England does seem to breed. And I, for one, love this pretty guy with his guitar and undercurrent of masculinity - the sexual ambiguity of it all.
The floppy dark hair and the excellent and meticulous sense of style, the cheek bones, the cigarette and occasional dabbling in make - up; a deliciously androgynous concoction.

Also, so nineties too..and that's such a good thing right now.

images:, ohitsthe90s.tumblr


thehostesshandbook said...

mmm David Bowies eyes

Ruby said...

That description makes me think of Daniel Johns! mmm

Immie said...

I agree with all of these except paul weller! Love the post!
Immie x

Kat said...

@Immie - your comment made me laugh! Yeah..true..Paul Weller is mainly in there because I have a strange obsession with him..but in his Jam/Style Council days he did have AMAZING dress sense. Also in the early Style Council years he experimented with an androgenous look, even wearing makeup from time to time..
ahem..don't mind me!

Elle said...

Alex James please! x

RSA Online said...

Bowie! I think no one can do androgyny quite like the Thin White Duke ;)

Raising Girl said...

Wonderful picture!
But...where's Damon Albarn??