Saturday, January 22, 2011

hello january

Alexa Chung, Elle UK new cover, Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen, Debbie Harry, group of skin head girls, Paul Poiret design.

Difficult to believe this is my first post of 2011! Have been abnormally busy recently and alas, haven't had the time to doss around blogging and whatnot. But, I am back, that's the main thing, right?! I didn't make any resolutions to quit blogging or anything daft like that, I'll have you know.

Anyway, here's to more posting, and hello again to all.


The Style Strutter said...

Good to have you back:)!! x

Anonymous said...

I love that shot of Chanel. I wish I could pull that look off but I don't think anyone really can.

ApollineR said...

I've seen the series with Chanel Iman on the Internet and I like all her pictures

FashionsLaboratory said...

God I need to have that jill sander skirt in my closet!!