Friday, December 10, 2010

why yes, oufit, you're lovely

Every time I go into my local Topshop recently, I can't help but stare like a love - struck puppy at the a/w collection shots of Ashley Smith. Of course, it's rather not just Ashley's pretty pretty physiognomy, especially the cute as a button - uber - trendy gap toothed grin, but the styling is super brillness. I have been admiring the shot below with what seems likes weeks...probably because it has been weeks..and each time I think to myself - 'I have got to post that!'.

I get sort of obsessed with singular looks...Alexa Chung in a long ballet skirt in Vogue UK from aaaaaages ago is the perfect example of this... and this shot is another one for the permanent mental mood board. The mixture of textures is suberb (another thing I get stupidly excited about) - the soft knit, floaty elegant pleated skirt, the rough grey leggings and sock peeking out of sturdy boot and of course, (cue further heart palpatations) that feather crown atop her blondy hair.
Aw man, does it get any better?!


Fashion Stylist_ka said...

I'm crazy about mixing textures like that as well. I mean crazy for looking at them, not really confident enough to try and carry it off myself ;) brilliant photo

Anonymous said...

I'd like to live in this picture...but how do I go about it, mmm