Friday, December 31, 2010

she loves you yeah yeah yeah

So, if I was to nominate one item from my wardrobe that I wore far too often in 2010 it would have to be the dress I got for my birthday back in June (although just to be wholly accurate, there was also a peach - pink dress with corset detailing...perhaps, another day). This was the ‘old granny’s nightie’, sheer mauve and lace dress from Topshop. It was elevated to the status of ‘much loved item’ for a number of reasons:

1. Those sleeves: Loose, sorceress sleeves were one of the biggest ‘stories’ of 2010, and boy, did I love them...and heck, this love story ain’t over yet. These sleeves make me want to cast spells and pick daisies in meadows and dance at twilight under starry skies...ahem...

2. High neck (not visible due to ridiculously thick scarf): I like dressing like I am 90 from time to time. It’s oddly liberating, dare I utter such a thing, but it is. The high neck with the little lace trim is sweet and Victorian, and indeed, I also, on occasion, like to feel as though I am in some ITV costume drama, and well, this dress facilitates that.

3. Dress up/Dress down: The single most important function of a dress – you should be able to wear it acceptably (of course with some choice tweaking here and there) during day or night. I don’t want to sound like a gushy mother, but this little one can do just that. Throw over leggings and belt her (as above), or wear with pastel tights, heels and diamond headband (as on my birthday). Oh, you little wonder, you.

4. Colour: A pretty, but a slightly unusual hue, adds to the old – fashioned feel.

5. Detail: Exposed zip on the back. A trendy detail which I always appreciate.

6. Eh...I think that’s enough gushing for one day. You get the idea. I like the dress.


BeckyDazzler said...

such a pretty dress, love it with the shiny leggings! x

Zoƫ said...

i wouldn't think it would work but those leatherette leggings look really good with this! and the dress totally suits your colouring, so WIN WIN

Fashion Stylist_ka said...

I'm not surprised you like it so much, it's an amazing dress and really suits you!

Anonymous said...

love it with the leggings x

Elle said...

Looks beautiful on you!