Thursday, December 23, 2010

2010 - the fashion year that was

Vogue's January edition did an article charting the year in fashion. As I didn't actually buy the January issue,  I follow suit, and bring you a few of the key trends of the year.

The perfect excuse to go collage - crazy too...

Firstly, I love the show. It’s awesome. On a purely aesthetic basis,  I am also in love with Betty. She’s pretty and wears pretty clothes, and yeah, I like that. I also love big, voluminous, impractical skirts. I wouldn’t know what to wear to half the things I go to if I didn’t have my nine layer tutu circle skirt. Where I certainly advocate that women follow in the sartorial footsteps of Betty, Joan et al, let’s not over do this, let’s not ruin something so good by overkill. For me though, voluminous skirts are not so much a wardrobe choice, but a life choice, so maybe, I'm just being selfish.
Ahoy, wizarding folk!
A slightly silly but a lovable trend all the same. I’m just jealous I have yet to get my mitts on one.
 Yeah, Lara Stone has been around with a good while at this stage, but surely, 2010 was the year she became a superstar. And is it just me, but does every model now need bouffant blonde hair and a gap toothed grin a la Lara?  

 The maxi skirt remerged back sometime in 2009 with the onslaught of grunge, beanies, ripped tights, and the worrisome trend for crop tops. 2010 was officially the year when Maxis became mainstream again. I lapped up this trend like...well it was going out of fashion; cannot get enough of the longer length. Mini skirts...puh – lease so noughties, so Celtic Tiger. More Maxis for 2011 I say.

I love satchels, I really do. They're pratical and scholarly, and boy - ish. But, I think, perhaps, the moment might be over. Or once again, it's probably because I never got one..
I like this trend. Classic, Parisian, and ties in with the new simplicity. Camel, biscuit, toffee, tobacco, all the shades of beige...but, listen, like with the Mad Men trend, don’t overdose.
Hello there, all you fashion blogs. These days I can’t keep up. Earlier this year, I considered quitting blogging for a variety of reasons...including, feeling like somewhat of a cliché. But then, I thought, wait a second, I love blogs, I love reading them and bloggers are awesome and inspiring – no wonder everyone’s at it. Blogs are like a personal space where the reader can leap into and soak up the world of a person, akin to exploring a stranger’s bedroom - leafing through their notebooks, browsing through their CD collection, rifling through their wardrobe. I am fascinated by the explosion of blogging that 2010 saw and the ever growing popularity of blogs. Let’s see what 2011 has in store.
Sorry, what’s that you’re wearing? Hello! You can’t wear prints anymore, are you mad?! 2010: the year of simple pieces that will stand the test of time. Phoebe Philo at Celine spearheaded the new restraint, with her former house Chloe stripping back for autumn/winter. This means no ridiculous pieces...erm..excuse me while I toss my whole wardrobe into the bin.


Cara said...

I wonder if blog numbers will go up or down in 2011...

I would say down because I think alot of bloggers will just get bored coz 'nothings happened yet' (aka no freebies, no features etcetc) And we all know how alot of fashion bloggers are just fame whores.


can't believe that i just said fame whore

Soooali said...

Love this post, bang on! x

lavelle said...

I absolutely adored this post! Happy Christmas lovely xx

Anonymous said...

drooling! I'll be revisiting this post over xmas too much pretty to take in on the first read

Hope your well. Merry Christmas to you and yours x

Cassidy said...

Love love love this post!