Monday, November 22, 2010

why yes, I'm a curmudgeon...(or alternatively, further appreciation of the 'midi')

Sometimes, it’s hard to make them work. You get looks. You have to be in the ‘mood’ to wear a long or midi length skirt.
I wear and like and buy shorter skirts. I wear lengths above the knee almost every day. But, something tells me it’s important to wear ‘confusing’ lengths some of the time.

Without sounding like a horrid old granny, I genuinely get disheartened when I see girls (of any age) wearing teeny tiny skirts and no tights in the freezing cold. It makes my heart sink just a little bit.

It’s not even the shorter length per say, as I really want to reiterate this point – I wear short lengths ALL the time - rather the combination with towering heels and bare shoulders and bare this and that and the likelihood of ‘body con’ being involved, and the fact, that there is this unspoken rule that you must wear short lengths at night.
There is something wrong with that. And I, for one am sick of people pretending otherwise.
But, hell, who am I to talk... I resigned myself to being mad cat lady long ago...

Maybe, just forget the above melodrama, and look...pretty Topshop so happen to be midi...

All I really wanna do is appreciate midi skirts..


Anonymous said...

i really want that middle skirt x

lavelle said...

I really want one of these skirts but I cant decide which one! I'm going to try on this weekend xx

ana said...

ugh the polka dot one is beeeautiful