Monday, November 29, 2010

seasonal benefits

Rather pedestrian of me to post winter coats when it's suddenly after getting positively Siberian out there, but I guess, one has got to be practical from time to time. Besides, I happen to quite like winter coats...although, I generally end up really disliking my 'cold season' coats after a period of time due to over wear, and even now, I kind of hate the black one that I am wearing at present. (I can be fickle...shush).
I think though that a really fabulous coat can make a rather equally fabulous statement. I quite like all the coat trends happening at the moment - the furs, the capes, the camel, the leopard print. Indeed, it suddenly appears to be 'all about the coat' (now, that's a turn a phrase thoroughly un - Kathryn!)
Cold weather has some pluses, I suppose, after all.

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Away with the fairy's said...

Yours blogs by far my favourite :)

Sarah said...

Wearing coats is a marked benefit to winter, it ranks right up there with hot chocolate and marshmallows on a freezing afternoon...yummers.

Anonymous said...

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lavelle said...

i love this post - your collage posts are my favourites!

the coat in the top left hand corner is to die for, beautiful x