Monday, November 29, 2010

my best efforts at being a doll

This shot was meant for Ms. Blau Von T's pink themed photo project for Breast Cancer awareness.
Me, being the quintessential 'silly goose' totally forgot to send on a shot at the beginning of the month, so well here it is.
This photo is sort of 'Cheapie Discount Store Tim Walker' inspired...even at that it seems a tiny bit much to compare me sitting on my dressing table to anything by Tim Walker...but, perhaps, it might add a wee bit of context as to indeed, why am I sitting on my dressing table, with 'Saddest Girl in the World' expression in a crinoline and sparkly hair bow?
But, there you have silly goose wearing a pretty silly outfit...hell, just the way I like 'em.

dress, socks, bow - topshop, crinoline - vintage, top - h&m, shoes - river island,  tights - penneys, fur collar - mango (once attached to a cardigan!)

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