Tuesday, November 30, 2010

cold clash

What with the freezing weather at the moment, layering is inevitable. But, why not have some fun with the cosy layering process and mix, match and clash pieces for warmth.
Sheer and shearling, florals and school uniform grey, knee high socks over low denier tights, grey jersey and zany patterns, heavy, glamorous coats with loose gauzy skirts, flirty frills and ribbed tights.


Anonymous said...

I love the idea of layering in an unexpected way! Particularly liking the tutu! x

Sarah said...

Love the ideas x

Meera said...

Love the tips of layering! Now I can make it even more stylish.
Lovely blog! Please check out/follow mine.


lady_flower123 said...

I declare the contest.
Competition concerns Rihanna's outfit.
The prize is to put your blog address in your links and advertising.
On the blog you will find more information.

I like this red coat.

Aubrey said...

Good stuff here. Wishing you an enjoyable holiday season.