Saturday, October 9, 2010

oct scrapbook

 It's hard to describe that guilty feeling in your stomach when you haven't blogged in a lengthy period to anyone who isn't a blogger themselves. Any blogger though, will understand that feeling of guilt; of neglect. Poor, little bloggeen here hasn't had some TLC in quite a while... and needless, to say I feel very guilty. But, here I am and hopefully will be back blogging on a more regular basis in the future.
Digressions aside, here are some things that are inspiring me these autumnal  days.
I like clothes that look romantic; that look like they might belong in a painting. Dreamy, ethereal, goddess dresses with the air of a tragic pre - Raphelite princess are nothing short of perfect for me. Take a look at the girl in the floor sweeping dusty pink gown (thefacehunter) ... perfect, no? I have had my eye on this dress (right) from River Island (amazingly!) for quite a while. Although knee length on the model, it's well below the knee on me... of course, being the ol' granny type that I am, this makes me love it all the more.
Sometime I stumble upon an image, and I stop and stare, and then think to myself: 'this is slightly perfect', and it will continue to inspire me long long afterwards.
This is one of those images.
The outfit on the right.
One for the inspiration board.

Image: Topshop 214 magazine, AW 2010

The whole look of 'Badlands' is verging on the unforgettable. The barren dusty scenery and the otherwordlyness of it all juxtaposed with the violent and unnerving storyline. Sissy Spacek is nymph like with freckles and strawberry blonde hair. She is startlingly naive in Alice in Wonderland style dresses in mint, lemon and sky blue and frilled bib front blouses. In a bid to mimic her deranged lover, a James Dean - esque Michael Sheen, she wears denim drainpipes, shirts and loafers with socks.
This girl is cool. Namely the shoes, but the dull tones - blush pink, slate gray and umber mixed with bright blue and of course, the leopard print shoes is rather fabulous.
Image: thefacehunter

The shirt on the right is also on the 'Want' list at the moment. It has to be the most gorgeous shirt in existence right now (hyperbole, I roll like that..). I am working for  my college magazine now, and used this shirt in a recent photo shoot, and dear me, did it look amazing! It's sheer too which means it can be worn day and night. It buttons right to the top too...need I say more?

Image left: thestreethearts


Sarah said...

Welcome back to the blogosphere (as it were)! How I love Badlands - Sissy Spacek is just something else in it.

Michele said...

Ah the blouse...

Eva said...

Gorgeous stuff in this post... I miss it so much when you don't blog regularly, you know i check your blog every morning when I'm having breakfast?! You should see what I'm wearing at the moment it's an epic outfit :D

Miss you loads...

Cara said...

That IS the perfect look. Chunky boots/socks with a long skirt is always good.
And I love the 'cool girl's' hair.

Cara said...

Also (I'm such a bully) can I be added to your irish blogs part in your sidebar?

ApollineR said...

The girl on the first picture is Louise from You may like her blog.

City Style said...

It's a classic - in camel too! Glee!

taletrails said...

it's perfectly perfect; she looks like a librarian on the run

Zoë said...

Badlands! I did a post on this back in the summer:

What a film and Sissy's look, makes me want to be a runaway in the wild west if i looked that good.