Saturday, October 30, 2010


I concur wholeheartedly with what Blanaid had to say about this image.

It’s funny, but sometimes, I think, we have such preconceived notions of what items apparently look good together, that we overlook the possibilities. The long jacket with that ‘decaying Cinderella’ frilled confection should not work, but by Jesus, does it. It’s the whole idea of expanding beyond what styles and shapes typically match, is what grabs me about this shot. Nothing should ever be predetermined, especially with fashion, and I know it’s been said a hundred, maybe a thousand times before, but there’s no set way; there’s no definitive 'style', there’s only experimentation.

It’s a peculiar thing though, when you’re going through a crowd of people, with many well dressed people in between, but then suddenly you see someone, and you just stop. Because, that person has got it, that rare, incomprehensible aura; that twinkling of real style. It’s true what they say, you can’t describe it, you just know it when you see it.

The likelihood is, in reality, no one is going to wear the above ensemble out and about, but the elements of contrast, the fusing of the absurd skirt with the grey jersey, the quirky humour of the necklaces with the stiff silk grandeur of the coat, provide for me, at least, some definition of what is style.


lovelydisco said...

SO amazing.

Eva said...

I was just about to say Blanaid posted about this earlier in the week and then I saw the first line :) It's such a cool outfit and image.. *sigh.....x

BeckyDAZZLER said...

Before I had even read your post I paused and was thinking how fab that image was styled! x

kellebelle said...


Emilie said...

Amazing picture!