Saturday, October 23, 2010

and the appreciation continues

It's annoying the way any mention of Keira Knightley's name will inevitably lead to debate over her somewhat questionable skinniness. Yes, she is skinny, probably too skinny, but can't we just leave that aside for a minute.
Long time blog readers will know of my appreciation for Keira's face - it's not a flawless beauty by any means (perhaps, too angular, those 'British teeth', as they have been termed) - but it's compelling and there's something of a lost, old world grandeur about it.
In love with the Rodarte too. Clashing textures, Granny's wardrobe vibes, mismatched colours...exquisite and quirky rolled into one.


BeckyDAZZLER said...

I love Keira too, shes so pretty!!

Fashion Stylist_ka said...

Totally agree, whatever her figure, she just generally looks great. Unusual, beautiful face too and always so stylish!