Saturday, September 11, 2010

there's another way

This isn't one of those 'Eh...this is what I wore today posts...' purely I never actually wore this, well at least not in the technical out and about sense.
I did, however, wear the dress yesterday to my brother's graduation, but with black tights and shiny ( and borrowed) black heels. Yeah...that whole thing looked nice...but let's be frank, it was a bit 'meh'.
Today, I wanted to rework the dress in the subtlest way imaginable, instead of black tights and shoe boots, I decided to team it with grey jersey tights and flat brown lace ups.
Alas, I had no such opportunity to wear this outfit today, but it did prompt me to think about how particular items of clothing are expected to be worn in a certain manner. Don't get me wrong there is nothing groundbreaking about the above look, but it does pose the notion that no item of clothing, especially a dress of the 'glam/going out' variety, is restricted to the manner in which it is expected to be worn - in this case high shoes and black tights, evening - y bag.
Looking at the above outfit, I want to throw a parka over that, or a crazy cardigan, gather my hair into a messy bundle and take to the streets - there's no stopping a girl in a sparkly embellished dress AND comfortable shoes.


Alya said...

I would have loved to see it with the black tights and black heels. I'm sure it looked beautiful and very sleek (even if you weren't too keen on it)..

Love ur hair by the way. Don't know if I ever mentioned it before!

Kat said...

@Alya, thank you!
and yeah, perhaps another time, I will post a picture of that!

Cara said...

Oooh where did you get the dress? Its gorgeous <3

Kat said...

@ Cara - ah silly me, forgot to say! Got it on sale in french connection!