Thursday, September 2, 2010

'now, voyager sail thou forth to seek and find'

On my sister Fiona’s (anything I may appear to know about film is really because of her...what she doesn’t know about film, isn’t worth knowing!) recommendation I watched Bette Davis in ‘Now, Voyager’ last night. If you haven’t seen a Bette Davis picture before, you really must! In truth I find black and white films tough going but Bette is utterly compelling. Fiona particularly knew I would like this because of the wardrobe, and how right she was! The film is in itself a rather great story, but boy, are the clothes something else; honestly, some of the most glamorous and incredible costumes I have seen.

Bette wears beautiful ensemble after beautiful ensemble. Neat skirt suits with oversized clutch bags, a frilled blouse with a spectacular diamond brooch, a casual day shirt with angular sunglasses, a black round necked evening gown with a Camilla pin, a cream blouse, buttoned with a patterned floor – sweeping skirt, a floaty, crystal encrusted long sleeved dress, a simply breath – taking sparkling cape... Most note worthy, are Bette’s hats - numerous veiled hair pieces, a glittering flower and tulle creation and a white, wide brimmed hat half covering her face as her love interest lights her cigarette. ‘Now Voyager’: just another reminder why the 1940s just happens to be one of my favourite fashion decades.


Sarah said...

If you liked that try Dark Victory next, Orry Kelly did the costumes for that one. Ah, to be Bette Davis.

Kat said...

My sister has that on DVD i think too! Will definitely watch it some time. Bette is rather fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Adore Bette Davis too! Cant believe I haven't watched this yet! x

Erica Love said...

looks like a great movie, the outfits look super chic! gotta watch that sometime.

Skinni Peach said...

stunning! shes such a lady!

Anonymous said...

The clothes are truly inspiring. My favourite has got to be the black evening gown with the white camellias at the bust. I was so in awe when she appeared at the doorway to the drawing room in that number. I also love the two toned captoed shoes we first see when the 'new' Charlotte appears. They don't make shoes like that anymore.

What I think I like best though is how the costumes really tell a story by themselves. So I recently sat down to analyse her choice of clothes in relation to her character development. I wrote it here:
I'd love to hear what you think! What other 1940s films would you recommend watching for the fashion?