Sunday, September 12, 2010

how you're the light over me

You know, when it comes to high heels I’m not what you would call an aficionado. Honestly, I think they can look nothing short of ridiculous a lot of the time, and although, I am a firm enthusiast of feminine dressing, heels for me are not a necessity – I don’t quite get the fuss. I hate girly high heels especially – stiletto heels, pastel colours, those silly pairs with the platform front and skinny heel -, instead, heels for me should be sturdy in structure and a bit peculiar in design, ideally clashing with what you’re wearing and threading that fine line between ugly and beautiful. (This is all in a perfect world though, in reality my taste in high heels has yet to be satisfied). But if money were no object, this Alaïa pair would be mine. Blocky in shape and just a bit bizarre.


Elle said...

Oh my, they are perfect. I think I may drool.

em said...

your description of heels should be is absolutely spot on! I love it.

Em xo

Skinni Peach said...

these are amaaazing! need.

Anonymous said...

They are pretty awesome!

Anonymous said...

I have to say I absolutely love, love, love those shoes.
I need them.
NEED them.

whisty said...

yup. Perfect indeed.