Tuesday, September 7, 2010

we're half awake in a fake empire


amazing leopard print cateyes, catching up on snoozies in the grass, pretty pretty dusty - pink sandals, technicolour night sky, 'Golden Daydream', alexa chung dj - ing, pink - streaked haired girl chilling by the river shore, chloe sevigny just being the coolest
Returned all in one piece from Electric Picnic (just about!) with many a story to tell and memories of an incredible time. Currently restoring energy, tagging photos and drinking too much tea. And Of course, much love to Jules.
PS. Unfortunately missing a Cork Fashion - y bloggers' get - together tonight, smiles and hellos to all.

images - the knight cat, weheartit, capture the castle, miss wallflower


Dalia said...

amazing pictures

Elle said...

Oh how was EP? Gutted I missed it! Happy lazing lovey! :)

Anonymous said...

you were missed last night X

xiao said...

I want pink hair like that!!