Friday, August 27, 2010

thinking pink

Pink : not just for Barbie, candyfloss, teeny - bobbers and dodgy velour tracksuits.

jumper - Acne, dress - Mark Fast for Topshop, bra - Monki


The Style Strutter said...

How lovely:)!! Im all for pink!! x

Cara said...

My pink Converse are so faded now that they look gone-off white.
Lovely post <3 That Acne jumper and Topshop dress are gorgeous. Isn't Topshop so over-priced?

x x x x

Kat said...

@ Cara - yeah it is such a shame that Topshop cannot just be a little cheaper. When it comes to my relationship with Topshop I tend to only buy dressy - OTT things there that I know will not be available in other shops. Spending 40 euro on a t - shirt there is absolute madness!

Away with the fairy's said...

Such a cool post! i love your blog will be following :)