Saturday, August 14, 2010

road to nowhere



Edward Hopper,'Five Easy Pieces', 'On the Road' - Amber Valletta, Vogue UK

Roadtrips, USA, diners, country music, trashy mismatched outfits, deserted gas stations, the wide open road.

The soundtrack:
'When there's a fire in your heart', Tammy Wynette, from the 'Five Easy Pieces' soundtrack
'The Weight', Smith, from the 'Easy Rider' soundtrack
'On the road again', Willie Nelson


chicknamedhermia said...

I looooove all those pictures!

young-shields said...

amazing post, love the road trip vibe, and that editorial has always been a fave

Eva said...

i remember that picture..... the filling station!

Kat said...

@Eva - haha yeah, good times! I liked how New Explorations dispersed the poems with paintings though, and Hopper is super!

@ Hermia - glad to hear it!

@Young Shields - thanks a mil!

Zoë said...

I watched Five Easy Pieces the other night, I love this on the road, 70s aesthetic!