Tuesday, August 3, 2010


When I think of Tommy Hilfiger, I think of zippy – tops, jeans and that all – American preppy aesthetic. Probably true to a certain extent, but my no means the whole story. Tommy Hilfiger’s ready – to – wear collections would never be on top of my list of collections to check up on, but after spotting a nice little look in the Vogue catwalk supplement, I had to do some further investigations. The conclusion: the a/w collection is one nice piece of work. Of course it is certainly to be expected that Hilfiger should be wearable and accessible, this is no avant garde, edgy affair, but rather just an assortment of handy ideas and pretty inspiration for upcoming, early autumnal wardrobes. Indeed, there is something distinctly ‘college’ about this collection, again probably to be expected due to Hilfiger’s ‘prep – school’ vision, but it’s all so very cool and young that it’s difficult not to be a little impressed. This is the kind of thing I want to wear once I head back to college myself – thick school tights, laced ankle boots, beige sweaters, belted skirts, knitted cardigans, neat – fitting white shirts, grey jersey a - plenty – and of course, it’s goes without saying that a satchel should be swinging nonchalantly from the shoulder.


Cara said...

Every time I think of Hilfiger, check shirt is the first time that comes to mind..
I'm lusting after that round bag <3

Mash said...

Tommy Hilfiger collection is great and that rocks !

taletrails said...

Wow, had you shown me these pictures and told me to guess the designer I never would have hazarded at Hilfiger. Like you it rings the 'preppy' bell in my head, bringing back memories of the gaeltacht and rugby boys from Dublin. This is certainly a surprise and a half