Monday, August 23, 2010

i could be wrong i could be right

In between too - long - summer - holiday induced existential crises, I am quite enjoying my long grey jersey skirt and the various dress up/dress down oppurtunites it offers.

skirt, shirt - Zara, shoes - Nine West


Anonymous said...

im going to borrow that skirt some day, love it x

and faboso pic my sweet x

Annie Spandex said...

Cracker <3
Great skirt! I'd love a gray jersey maxi skirt.. Maybe I should look for one now. I've thought about it before, but you're selling me on it! x

Sarah said...

Existential crises are the worst. I get them all the time - should really take up knitting or embroidery to occupy myself! That skirt is lovely, I love how nicely the jersey is draped. You can't beat a good bit of Zara!

Dusica said...

love love LOVE the outfit... the skirt is defiantly doing it for me =)