Thursday, August 19, 2010

' And O she was the Sunday in every week'

When I do trendy – trendy posts I always cringe a little and imagine Gok Wan looking over my shoulder cheering me on, brandishing a copy of Look magazine. Anyway...moving on swiftly... I am, on the other hand, all for a trend that I can see happily cooperating with my wardrobe, or rather I can wear something that I would wear regardless but this time it's ‘Bang on Trend’, double exclamation mark. Vogue’s catwalk report had a nice little idea though (‘idea’ is a much more society – friendly word than ‘trend’ cos like trends are evil and all that): ‘Pretty Poetess’.

As an English student, I predictably and foolishly, mind you, fantasise of frolicking about in flowing dresses, boots and knits with fountain pen and crisp notebook in hand and of penning sonnets to some amiable (and probably unfortunate) gent or two. Once again never mind my overactive imagination, it tends to not exactly run away with its self but instead, hurtle at the speed of light... but, either way I quite enjoy the whole concept of the ‘Pretty Poetess’. Bohemian, artistic, literary but devoid of pretension, pensive, something of an outsider – all very romantic isn’t it?

The whole look is romantic though. Tumbling, wispy locks, perhaps a cape suitable for midnights spent wandering on lonely moors, slip dresses for dreamy nights in candle - lit boudoirs, knits and tweeds for market day banter, florals layered over basics for days spent by firesides, lengthy skirts and wool jumpers and armfuls of manuscripts, lace dresses for evenings in country taverns... Girl can still dream, right?


Anonymous said...

I adore this post as it is exactly what I long for, being a massive fan of knee high socks and heavy knits (which I am obsessively wearing at the moment!) i still want more! Now to save up 70 quid for my dream chiffon, floral, flowing dress!

ApollineR said...

They are romantic but well suited for everyday life too

Beckydazzler said...

Such a great post! :) x