Saturday, July 10, 2010

with your mercury mouth in the missionary times

Yesterday my mother asked me to paint a portrait of Bob Dylan. I worked from a picture from her big Dylan book which is fascinating to flick through even if you’re not the biggest fan. The section about his various lovers is especially enthralling. I’m sure most ladies have dreamed of being the artist’s/musician’s muse at some point, therefore, I learned with great interest the source of inspiration for one of my favourite Dylan songs – Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands – was his wife Sara Lownds. It is both a baffling and beautiful song all at once with the magnificent lyrics honouring this mysterious woman – ‘And your saintlike face and ghostlike soul’. He uses frequent religious imagery creating something of a Gypsy – Madonna type character ( I think of Titian’s painting of that name here, below) – ‘And your silver cross and your voice like chimes, Oh who could they think could bury you?’

It was inevitable therefore that I would dig out some pictures of this woman...surely if she can inspire that kind of poetry, she must be something.

smock dress - topshop, pendant - netaporter, scarf - warehouse

For some perplexing reason, youtube has no version of this song all to cover versions available. I will keep an eye out though.


Elle said...

Wow she's beautiful. Bob Dylan is incredible.

Anonymous said...

(I always love your blogs, it is the only i have ever read and will continue to read. i write in a little notebook what i would like to blog but never have the courage to show anyone or make a blog!)
Anyway i agree with your post Bob Dylans lyrics are beautiful 'blowing in the wind' is one of my favourite songs however i disagree with 'It was inevitable therefore that I would dig out some pictures of this woman...surely if she can inspire that kind of poetry, she must be something.' This is because i believe anyone can be everything to someone, she could be to everyone else in the world 'just another person' instead of 'the someone' she was to him.
Love your blog!

Kat said...

@ Anon - Aw thank you so much! I was really touched to read your comment. Keep up the writing in the notebook ( i kinda see She's in Vogue as my own online notebook really!) Blogging isn't for everyone I suppose, but it is a great place for all those ideas floating around and it's really interesting to see how you change overtime too.
Reading over your comment on this post, I agree wholeheartedly - it's true what you say, someone can be everything to just one person and a mere face in the crowd for everyone else.
Hope you continue to read and thanks again for taking the time out to comment. x

Han said...

I just wanted to say that I love your blog. I've only been following it for a few weeks, but it's great.
The picture in the back of the collage of Bob, Sara and the children is one of my favourite photos ever. I have a hard copy of it in a book of Landy's work. It's all amazing and Jesse was a particularly beautiful child I feel.
Unlike anon I've decided to give the whole blogging thing a go. Thank you for your inspiration!

Kat said...

@Han - Thanks a million for your lovely comment! Comments like your's and Anon's above really make all this worthwhile! So glad to hear you like my blog and are gonna give blogging a go.
And yes, it is one beautiful picture.