Monday, July 12, 2010

take off your heavy makeup and your shawl


Something intriguing and un-manicured about this editorial that is inspiring me. The crumpled linen, the matted, straw - like hair and the rumpled, undressed feel is compelling in a romantic, abandoned sort of way.

Annoyingly though, I could not find the entire editorial - the internetz has failed me again!

'Age of Innocence' - Elle UK, March 2009, Jan Welters


skinni peach said...

Gorgeous! love it

Grace said...

Abandoned Love is in my top five favorite Dylan songs!

Great images.

Love Grace.

Kat said...

Grace! I am with you! I am obsessed with this song at the moment, definitely one of my favourites too!

Anonymous said...

that hair is amazing!

Anonymous said...

Love it!!!! I love hazy shoots like that!

Mash said...

beautiful pictures <3