Friday, July 2, 2010

'oh, you can't imagine. I-I'd do just whatever I liked all day long'

Hepburn and Peck - I think this is my favourite Hepburn screen couple!
Out of boredom yesterday I sat down and watched ‘Roman Holiday’. Being something of a Hepburn aficionado..(eh, who isn't? And needless to say it is no toil to watch Gregory Peck either), I had seen it before, but it is such a sweet and fun film that you could view it again and again. While watching it though, my thoughts inevitably strayed to the costume (the work of the legendary Edith Head). Of course, we all know what Audrey wore in ‘Roman Holiday’ – the A – line skirt, belted, white shirt, cuffs turned up, neckerchief and gladiator style sandals. Maybe the old granny in me is talking, but isn’t this outfit in many ways the archetype of a refreshing alternative to the garish summer attire that is currently giving me a headache? Enough all ready with the excess of fake tan, and ev-ery-thing on display at once ..– it’s the only rule regarding clothes that should be adhered to, or maybe I am just being an old granny again..?

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Anonymous said...

lovely posty but I think Charade will always be my fav Hepburn lovie...that or how to steal a million