Saturday, July 17, 2010

'i wanna remember us just as we are now'

The red dress (above top middle) which Blanchett wears is a spendid piece of costume too.
I was delighted to find I really really enjoyed The Curious Case of Benjamin Button when I watched it a few days ago. I had wanted to see this film with well over a year and it really surpassed my expectations, I just wished I had caught it when it initially ran in the cinema. Alack! Cate Blanchett looks really amazing in this though – where Brad Pitt is made to look older, she is made up to appear younger, and vice versa. I quite like Ms. Blanchett anyway – she’s a proper actress, and being a bit of a LOTR obsessive, she will eternally be Galadriel for me. But, as the ballerina Daisy in the Curious Case she is so beautiful – porcelain flame haired elegance. The costume is rather superb too and what’s more, memorable, and as my sister astutely commented David Fincher creates a real ‘world’ in this film and it’s evident right down to the remarkable wardrobe. I was particularly taken with the mustard swing coat with thick black bands at the cuff and collar; delectable folds of brightly coloured material and almost cape like in its swing- y-ness ..shush, I know that’s not a word..
My winter coat inspiration..perhaps, a bit too early to be mentioning that dreaded item though..

Thanks to Forgetmenot for some of these images - excellent post here!
May I also direct you to a short but interesting article on the costume in Benjamin Button, here.


daisymay aka Chantele said...

I would love that yellow cape, but if you love capes have you seen Emma Thompsons houndstooth one in The Boat That Rocked, I want it, Its lush!

Daisy Dayz Home

Kat said...

@ Daisymay, no I havent seen this, but by the sounds of things, I would love it! Must check this out!

Capes/swing coats - the only option methinks this winter..

Anonymous said...

Cate's just amazing fashion-wise, but I loved all her clothes in that movie....she just has such a natural grace and looks wonderful and willowy in everything!

Kat said...

@Hermia - 'natural grace' - exactly!

Grace said...

She is such a dream.

Love Grace.

Anonymous said...

i'm in love with this post x

Skinni Peach said...

im with you on the LOTR obsession, and i think kate is stunning in this film so natural and fresh. Beautiful cape, would love it in red actually. great post ! .x.

Anonymous said...

there was a similiar yellow coat in french connection last winter! x

Kat said...

@ Anon - ah really! Damn..I wonder will they reproduce something similiar..

@Skinni Peach - Yay for LOTR!

@ Blau - ah thanks x

@ Grace - Indeed!

Zoë said...

That was my favourite outfit from the film! I've been looking for a drape collar coat like that ever since but all in vain.