Wednesday, July 21, 2010

i hope it's not too soon..

Dries Van Noten is the kind of label that quietly operates without me ever sitting up and paying full attention. Not this time folks though, not this time. I really do not what to be a killjoy, but the summer is half over...and there was never much sunshin-y summery- ness where I live anyway and therefore, it does not seem so wholly inappropriate to start some talk about autumnal wardrobes. I am a big fan after all...may I direct you to this old dusty piece of work... it’s my favourite season to dress for.

Dries’ collection hits the nail bang - slap right on the head. Thing is though, half of me is a little surprised I am so enthused. The unsurprised half is nodding her head – she knows I love the contrast of that long aubergine skirt with slouchy layers (above), indeed, she is fully aware that I am a hardcore slouchy sweater fiend, cannot resist a rock ‘n’ roll pair of sunglasses and will profess undying love for long 50s’ circle skirts... That slightly more questioning half is thinking...’hmmm...beige, sophisticated trousers and blazers...lack of adornment...really Kat?’ Yeah, I am a little OTT... I know I am...I wear too much sequined things, too many ridiculous skirts, jewellery always...I do not do ‘less is more’. But you know, as much as I realise that this is who I am...and probably always will be... I like to try out new things. Clothes/fashion for me is always about having fun...see ‘havin’ the craic’...therefore, in some paradoxical way this more sophisticated take on dressing is just another means for me to have the craic, so to speak, with clothes.

I’m looking forward to muted tones...time to hang up my pastel tights and dresses... and boyish silhouettes, simplicity and I suppose, a little of this good quality, that fashion is so currently transfixed with. But, that's all for autumn..not quite there yet..


Elle said...

Oh, I love Dries van Noten. This collection is amazing. She has me craving printed trousers like no other.

Cara said...

OMG, I love you! haha. What part of Ireland are you from? I'm in Dublin.
Just realised the deadlyiness of your blog now.

Kelly said...

Loooove it!
Check out my blog.
I have to whore it out.
No followers, although it is pretty new.


Kat said...

@ Elle - I know, this collection actually is AMAZING!

@Cara - ah thanks! Youre sweet to say so! Glad to hear you like the blog! I'm living in Cork. You have a great blog yourself!

@Kelly - Will have a look! :)

chicknamedhermia said...

It's never to soon for the A/W collections *swoon*

Mash said...

Love your selection of outfits
have a nice week-end :)

megan said...

I adore that Dries Van Noten green slouchy jumper and long purple skirt. It is just so lovely, everytime I see the photo I just love it more. Can't wait for autumn!

Love the blog and all your photo montages!

hannah-rose said...

this collection is INCREDIBLE. my absolute favourite of last season. perfect to the last outfit. i jut want to wear it all, forever and always.



Great post. Dries van Noten is one of my favorites. I'm lusting for the fall season's pleated trousers by Dries van Noten.

xx Fleurette