Monday, June 14, 2010

like a vision she dances across the porch as the radio plays roy orbison singing for the lonely

For the past few months lace has been my material of choice. I love contrast - tutus and graphic t - shirts, blazers and pretty dresses - all predictable, yes, but it is such things that form the bedrock of my own personal style and the sort of fashion I am attracted to. Converse and dresses has been done a hundred times before, certainly, but with white virginal/antique/wedding day lace it is a wonderful juxtaposition even if it's not the most unique contrast. I was cutting out pictures from some old copies of Vogue today, and stumbled upon the centre image of Daria Werbowy in the editorial, 'True Romance' from 2007. Really excellent stuff and I love the aesthetic of this image (gotta love the utility jacket too..). I have actually never owned a pair of Converse, thinking them in the past to be a bit..I dunno ..'try hard indie'...that is before every Tom, Dick, Joe and Harry had a pair..but listen, I take it all back, and decide it's about time I bought a comfortable pair of shoes.


hannah.moore7 said...

Lovely post, just wondering, what was the exact issue of vogue with the Daria editorial? thankyou x

Emma said...

I'm a converse fan. Love the idea of them with lace, if I could pull it off like those ladies anyway!

Kat said...

Hey Hannah, the Daria editorial - True Romance - is from the May 2007 edition of British Vogue.

Anonymous said...

Converse and Lace can be such a wonderful combination.
Love your blog my dear, you have a wonderful style of writing.


Anonymous said...

Great Post!

Anonymous said...