Monday, June 14, 2010

it must be said

There was a time (2007 - ish, around the time I started blogging when the pair were ev-ery-where..) when I really could not stand the Olsens. There existed an overload of them so much so I could not even begin to consider their clothes as they were so obsessed about and hyped up, and plus, they didn't really do anything much.. Although I must admit, the latter point has yet to be properly rectified, I mean I could not tell you anything of either individual's current projects, but heck, do I now love seeing pictures of them.
Where gossip magazines are obsessed with Chery Cole/Tweedy/whatever the hell she's calling herself these days and Twilight's and Gossip Girl's leading ladies and a bunch of other TV stars and celebs who, to be honest, a lot of the time I don't even know who they are, the Olsens sure do stand out when they make their now quite rare public appearances. Therefore, in the crumbly - glittery, fickle sphere of celebrity fashion, the Olsens remain unchallenged as regard a unique sense of style. As a result they deserve to be appreciated in that although they may not do a whole lot, they are not prepared to dress like every other celebrity out there. It does help though that they wear a lot of vintage jewellery and display a certain fondness for the longer length which as you know are two things I cannot get enough of..

 image - theknightcat


Sean said...

I admire the fact that they dress differently from most Hollywood stars and whatnot, I'm kind of the same as you, I didn't really like them before, but, they've grown on me.

Hmm.. Now I feel like ranting on about my slight hatred towards certain celebrities :|

Anonymous said...

So true...they really do have a touch a class compared with other celebs whoring themselves out at this do and that do hoping to be told they're fashionable. The Olsens ARE fashionable and don't need to make a song and dance about it....well except for the few times that they look a little greasy and homeless, but the vast majority of the time....ah, you know what I mean, lol!

Kat said...

haha Sean, go for it, I say! I love a good rant!

and ya, I know what you mean Hermia! A little hobo - esque from time to time, but shur who isn't?!