Thursday, June 3, 2010

i know it's summer but..

I feel like I should be writing TREND ALERT!!!! But, we'll refrain from that, shall we? I feel a little left out. Everyone is suddenly 'rocking' the khaki parka/mac/raincoat/whatever you wish to call it, other than me. Now normally, that's not something I'd fact, I would be quietly proud of myself for avoiding something that is popular among the norm, but not this time friends, not this time. Alas, I'm pining for said item. In my defence though, I have a much documented love affair with parkas. Might be something to do with my penchant for Brit Pop, but I think it is largely because, I have never had a proper proper raincoat and weirdly, it's something I have always wanted. My sister Suzanne has a great raincoat. I have borrowed it on a few occasions for my rare outdoorsy excursions, but whenever I do wear it, I always feel just kind of cool -probably due to the practical effortless feel of a raincoat that my clothes rarely seem to embody.


Emma said...

Love the Garance Dore photo in the middle. There is something so effortless about khaki. I'm not after a parka but, I'm definitely pining for Balmain cargo pants!

Anonymous said...

I love it..they had the khaki parkas in Penneys but I think they flow out the door...I want one...Army surplus store here I come x

Grace said...

I've been wanting my parka for ages now.

Love Grace.