Wednesday, June 16, 2010

i can see that you're wearing your staying hat, darlin'

My love affair with pastels and crowns made of flowers continues.
I think the sunshine brings out the 'whimsical' in us all - daydreaming like children on garden swings, the childlike gingham of Christopher Kane, the somewhat stale yet lovable Barbie - ish combination of lilac and deep pink,daisy chains, flower garlands and faded denim, and floral bodices.

And a delightfully whimsical tune for sunshine - y days spent in the garden like this one.
images - theknightcat


Sarah said...

It's kind of a mix between The Virgin Suicides and Little House on the Prairie. Oh how i wish I could do ethereal looks!

Sean said...

Kind of hippie chic. I like! It also suits you quite well.. Just sayin' :D

I love the second picture. It's a typical summers evening in the country - So relaxing!

Anonymous said...

swoon...I want the Kane dress so very very bad x

Anonymous said...

I just love all those pictures! It's so nice to see pictures of dreamy summer evenings as opposed to glaring-sun beach-n-bikini summer!

Kat said...

Ah yeah, i know what you mean Hermia! I hate swimsuit - y shots unless they are pretty vintage 1950s' pics!