Tuesday, June 8, 2010

honey, while the sun is still shining

Being a bit on the broke side at the moment (that could be the understatement of THE century..), I was once again flicking through magazines that I could ill - afford in Easons. Having the gawk through ID magazine, Gemma Arterton's editorial caught my eye. ID did a very good job, in my opinion, reducing her typically smouldering look to something less vixen and more everyday with wools and sheepskin coats. The above shot really grabbed my attention though - magnificent, no? Magnificent to me, anyway as those style of sunglasses ie. angular, thick plastic framed, 50s' sunnies (EDIT. Cateye! as a lovely blogger reminded me of what these are actually called!) just happen to be one of my favourite accessories  along with winklepickers, big 80s' disc earrings and satchel bags. I have my own pair even which I love dearly despite buying them in a less than sober state in the lashing rain at Oxegen last summer...ah, but it's a fond memory.. When I wear them now, I must admit I get the odd 'What the hell?!' look, perhaps, even the odd snigger (they are red, polka dot and make me look a bit like a superhero after all) but you know, sometimes, I don't mind that, especially when I adore the item in question.

PS. Ignore the post title if you're living where I clearly there's no sun here..


stylespotterfashionblogger said...

I LOVE THESE SUNGLASSES. They are fabulous!

Forgetmenot said...

The best accesory! I don't have one but TWO tags dedicated to the wonders on my blog: "cat-eye sunglasses" and "cool sunglasses"

Sean said...

Damn right.. stupid Ireland.

On the sunnies? Dislike.

Kat said...

Forgemenot! thank you! Cat eye sunglasses! that is what you call these, could not think of the term when posting this!

And Sean, there's plenty time to love them yet!

anna said...

Very striking. Love the glasses, don't think i'm cool enough to pull them off though! Alexa really has nailed every trend in existence, hasn't she?!

Sean said...

Maybe I'll come around to them.. :D

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