Thursday, June 17, 2010

and all the stars in the sky and all the flowers in the fields

Sequins in summer? Yay or nay? I make no qualms about the fact that I adore sequins. I am drawn to the sparkly stuff alert...a moth to a flame. My eye simply wanders magnetically to all that sparkles. However, the sequin, I guess, is typically associated with the warmth of winter fires and the multicoloured twinkle of fairy lights and Christmas tree baubles. But hell to that, I say! I was browsing yesterday, and saw a fantastically - princess like pale pink sequin clustered top (almost..shock horror, dare I say..Balmain - like with prominent shoulder pads..) and now, it is shamefully pretty much all I can think about... Sequins are for all year round not just for Christmas, I say!


Emma said...

Yeah I had thought the same as you but, last week my friend wore a multi coloured sequined cardie thing and she looked so cool!
She really stood out from all the florals and maxi dresses!

BeckyDazzler said...

I agree, sequins are for life not just for Xmas! I always feel like wearing tons in winter though and in summer just a smaller addition, like an accessory or cardigan...

Mon Cheri said...

sequins all year round I say !
You can't help but feel amazing when you wear them

Great blog <3


My Republic of Fashion said...

I love sequins, definitely a yay for summer.SarahD