Tuesday, June 1, 2010

and all the pictures on the wall

While looking for street style images for the previous post, I stumbled across these old photographs on The Sartorialist from a while back as part of a vintage photo competition. These remind me how much I adore old photos, and indeed, vintage fashion, and in a way this is the antithesis to the inspiration in that last post. Where that was all about fun, humour and ridiculous get - ups, these display sheer well - put - togetherness, beautiful cuts and elegance. I find my own style is often a bit of a mess. I dress in away that at best could be described as random. It's tied down to such banalities as weather conditions and travel constraints and often is, I guess what you could describe as a 'mood mirror' - reflecting how I am feeling on a particular day. These photographs remind me how nice it is to dress up for perhaps, no particular reason other than to do so is nice in itself. It is nice to make an effort, it is nice to look put together from time to time. It is that kind of thinking that has always reinforced my love of fashion - sure, it's easy to pull on the hoodie, but where's the joy in that?



mary louise said...

I love the last picture especially. And I too think that the joys in fashion are when you dress for yourself. Throwing on a hoodie is boring haha. These pictures are great!!

young-shields said...

love the guy with the hands in the pockets. awesome pose, nowadays guys do all their gangsta shapes its just no good. x

george - tunes+threads said...

these old photos are beautiful! x