Monday, May 31, 2010


All you lovely people living in my neck of the woods ie. Cork and its hinterlands, will be well aware of the upcoming SubbaCouture taking place this Wednesday June 2nd in Freakscene (Gorbys Nightclub, Oliver Plunkett St., Cork). The event is, of course, celebrating the first birthday of one of my favourite blogs Blaubushka, and yours truly is seriously excited! Here’s the plan: wear the maddest outfit that the mind can conjure up, preferably inspired by a subculture or if not street style.
Now, as much as I love and adore my subcultures (I have had a long fascination with mods, for example) ...I decided to go down the more ‘street style’ approach for this post. Hopefully, this will provide some inspiration for those of you in attendance. Basically, I hope to see some much needed ‘maaaaadness’ regarding clothing in the town of Cork! Stick bows in your hair, carry a parasol, false lashes, glitter streaked faces, flowers, buttoned – up shirts, jumpsuits, psychedelic maxi dresses, headbands, rockabilly skirts, bowler hats, sunglasses, lace layers, ker – azy tights, princess dresses, black lipstick, knee high socks, feather boas...whatever! Just let loose! Looking forward to seeing everyone, although hopefully, y’all be in such bizarre attire I won’t even recognise ye!

images - thesartorialist, facehunter,garance dore, cobrasnake


Anonymous said...

A million thank yous...awesome post..I'm actually drooling right now XXX

Eva said...

Looks so cool!! i can't wait to hear what you wear!! xox