Tuesday, May 11, 2010

she wears an egyptian ring that sparkles before she speaks

One look I've loved probably my whole life: multiple rings..cos know, I'm all hippy and stuff.

Really though I love rings. I have a weird thing about hands..without making that sound like a scary fetish..I just tend to look at them. I love when people wear interesting rings. I wonder where they came from..a cool vintage shop in London? an heirloom? from a lover? a designer piece bought as a birthday present to self? There always tends to be some sort of mildly interesting story behind a ring. Unlike with earrings and necklaces, ownership of an unusual ring is much more frequent. In my opinion, the intimate poise of rings on fingers means that they are the most personal piece of jewellery and therefore, demand individuality of design.
And I know it's a trendy thing to do, but I don't think I'm about to tire anytime soon of the 'piled on' ring look.

PS. I only just realised after I titled this post that I had already titled a post in the past with this Bob Dylan lyric! Oh is one of my favourite ever lyrics and it was either that'put a ring on it'..which really..even I, with a very lame sense of humour, couldn't bring myself to do..
Not finished exams yet..just got a bit bored while trying to study the Haughey years..


Annie Spandex said...

Very cool. I love big rings.

FashionsLaboratory said...

I agree i won't be tiring of this 'trend' any time soon!

stylespotterfashionblogger said...

Great blog! I think you'll like my most recent post, it's along the same lines as this!

Anonymous said...

the ring in the third pic....OMG..want!

Eva said...

Well you know i love my rings :) there is somehting comforting about rings because as you said there is usually a story behind them... Blanaid did a ring post on her blog too recently enough, she had gorgeous rings! Hope your good pet, miss you much xx