Wednesday, May 26, 2010

bows and flows of angel hair

Honestly, don't mind me and my girl crushes! But, I have developed quite the fondness for Joni Michell recently. It's not even anything I can quite put my finger on...just that, in her youth she seemed to possess this angelic, humble grace that it such a rare thing to come across. I love all the cheese clothe dresses in peach, coral and cream, the sheer black maxi dresses, the stone -studded hippy jewellery - but never too much, mind you, and of course, that satin fall of golden hair. Plus, she paints kinda woman!

dress/rings - netaporter, crochet top and shoes - topshop


Eva said...

I must say you're doing a mighty amount of blogging :) i'm enjoying it though!! OMG though love that bottom roberto cavalli ring so much... if we weren't students and had money :) hope you're good xox

taletrails said...

ha I had a little fling with her too after I watched Love Actually for the first time when Harry gave her album to his wife for her 'emotional education' she's amazing :)