Monday, May 17, 2010

and noon a purple glow

Lilac, heather, soft purples. My latest colour obsession. I was once told I wear a lot of purple. Utterly untrue! I have a purple coat, a purple dress, and a few pairs of purple tights, but I think that's about it..I think..that wardrobe of mine can be quite deceptive. But, I'm not necessarily crushing on purple, no that's a bit wintery for now..but rather mauve, heather, lilac, violet - the whole spectrum of purple's less regal, but more delicate sisters.

i apologise for going all bare feet and Diana Vickers in  X- Factor trying to be freespirit - y and stuff..

Two things about this dress. One: It's more purple than the shades I'm currently enamoured with..but perhaps, the slightly blue -ish tinge softens it a bit, indeed, the colour could even be described as a bluebell shade of purple. Secondly, this dress isn't mine, but my mother's..and when she hears that I tried it on..without her permission, mind you.., there will be much commotion in the household. Ah but it had to be's a beauty of a dress, quite unlike anything I own. I love the puffed sheer sleeves and the fact that its quite long on me. Maybe, sometime she'll allow me to wear it this space, someone has some begging to do..


Anonymous said...

craving some purple garments now... Its a colour thats completely non-existent in my wardrobe and I have no idea why!

Anonymous said...

love love...esp the sneaky Golighlty pic x

Eva said...

This seems very 'boho chic' for your taste Kat :) xox