Thursday, May 13, 2010

all tomorrow's parties

I have two exams tomorrow but somehow rather than thinking about Rome in late antiquity or the War of Independence, my mind is thoroughly focused on the acquisition of a sequin (or generally shiny/sparkly) dress. I want. I like sequins. A LOT. I like how they sparkle and can be kind of tacky and I like the contrast between something sequined and something thoroughly mundane like grey jersey material or denim. But sequins can be a bit..I dunno how to put it in my As I said they can be tacky but in that gloriously vulgar, 80s extravaganza kind of way. On the otherhand, all depending on the quality of sequin (generally avoid plain silver/gold sequins..the kind often found on those weird stretchy belts.. at all costs..), they can be simply tacky without the 'look I'm so 80s' AND ironic..' commentary. Long story short, it won't be an easy task to find a sufficiently 'cool tacky' and pretty sequined/sparkled will be especially difficult considering that I have the dream prototype in mind..
The perfect sequin - sparkle dress, note the space age style and the wonderful, iridescent quality of the sequins - pinks, lilac, blue and yellows all glittering at once. (Future Perfect, Elle UK, March 2007, so long ago, but I am still obsessed with this editorial..)


fashion doll said...

great selection of photos!!!
comment back!

Forgetmenot said...

Good luck findind the dress of your dreams! let me tell you that it isn't tacky at all :)

Anonymous said...

doesnt Chloe looks always 'nail it'...great posr..BRING ON THE TRUMPETS x