Saturday, April 17, 2010

yeah, she looks like a painting, jackson pollock's number five

In typical fashion, I was doing my sneaky flick through the magazines in Tesco this morning when Beautiful Chaos, from this month's Harper's Bazaar(the copy with Jen Annison looking super glowy and 'beach goddess' etc.), caught my eye. And for good reason - it's all bright colour, something I'm keen to be more experimental with currently. I know that whenever the sun shows her cheery face from behind the clouds, the sunshine can go to our heads a little bit...and suddenly we think neon everything is a good idea...(remember, when 'nu rave' was all the craze about three summers ago? I shudder at the neon hoopy earrings and matching patent fluorescent pink belt I bought and thought to be ridiculously cool..) Saying that though, pastels seem to be the thing at the moment - something which I too am wearing A LOT of (there might even be an outfit post in the near future to illustrate this..)-, but we should not (me so so included!) shun bright colour out of fear at the same time.
I'm surprised I like this editorial actually, it is not something I'd be usually into, but the painterly prints and somewhat jarring colour combinations, particularly the flower garden mix of deep purples and fresh, zingy greens, are exciting for spring/ opposed paraphase Miranda Priestly..florals...
images: thefashionspot


J'aime said...

I have this copy, its quite original isn't it. I do agree about people just hopping on to the trend because its in a magazine, and they really should put their on twist onto it.


taletrails said...

wow all those clashing patterns! its kerrrazy! i'm too afraid of looking like i hit my head getting out of bed then got dressed in the dark to wear it myself, but love it nonetheless