Tuesday, April 27, 2010

take cue

yes, this post is quite random..

Here's a little known/well known fact about me (not sure...depends on how much you know know me..) I thoroughly enjoy watching the game of snooker...well obviously watching..ha! the thought of me playing.. So me and the sibs were sitting around watching the snooker when my sister astutely recognised where my inspiration for that day's outfit had come from. There I was perched on the sofa quite unaware that I was wearing a waistcoat whilst watching the men in waistcoats potter (ooh the pun!) about the table.

Now, of course...I had not been actually intending to be inspired by 'the lads', dapper though they may be, but perhaps, on some subconscious level...and I'm all about the 'subconscious level'...their attire seeped into my consciousness, culminating in me emulating them... I am, after all, a firm believer in that inspiration can come from everywhere, the most random of places often...hmmm..this could be THE most random of all...

On a more sartorial level, I think it's a bloody cool waistcoat! It's a bit gaudy, somewhat ugly, but, hey..I kind of like when clothes fit this description. Like the hippy, 'Woodstock' (as my brother termed it) waistcoat in the previous post, it too belonged to my mother (perhaps, she had a thing for waistcoats?) back some time ago..early 90s, me thinks. It's gold and glinty with swirly, curtain material - esque designs with a lovely buckle at the back,.. and you need the buckle.

I don't know why..but somehow sitting cross legged on the floor seems to suit the 'mood' of this outfit..

As it turns out I wore this outfit to a lovely bloggers' lunch/tea in Cork on Saturday with the equally lovely Fiona of Save our Shoes, Cathy of The Style Strutter and Lorna of Things I fell in love with Today.

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Blau von T said...

Raging I had to miss off May 17th Im free for you x

and snooker...really?:p