Friday, April 9, 2010

ch - ch - ch - changin'

Perhaps, this post would have been more appropriate for the third anniversary of this blog in July, but that’s still a good few months off...and you know, right now I feel like being all introspective and stuff.

Today I checked up for the first time in ages. Teen Vogue’s website and I have a little bit of history together. It was partly due to said website that I set up my own blog. I joined the Teen Vogue forums where a lot the girls spoke about their own blogs and blogs they enjoyed. It was not long after when I set up my own.

Although I had long before considered fashion as my number one interest, prior to establishing She’s in Vogue...(a name that to this day, makes me die a little inside, to clear it up once and for all, the ‘She’ is whoever...the ladies I admire and fawn over on this blog, not and I underline not me!)... I digress though...where was I? Despite believing myself to be quite the fashion expert back then, in actual fact, I knew next to nothing. Chanel and Luella Bartley were the only brands I knew anything much about and although, I did have quite sufficient knowledge in vintage fashion, my knowledge in anything current was exceptionally slim...(to this day, I still remain not the most knowledgeable in the up and coming.)
Teen Vogue and Elle Girl UK were my only connection with fashion back in my early teens. I have mentioned the effect Elle Girl had on me in the past, but in all honestly, it cannot be over emphasised the immense impact it had on me as a young'n. Suddenly, fashion was something fascinating and amazing and powerful – you could be whoever you wanted to be! (... or Dare to be Different...Elle Girl’s wonderfully cheesy tag line!)

My favourite segment of was the Girl of the Week. You can imagine my surprise when I visited the website today to discover that it’s now Best Dressed Reader of the Day! This is surely a sign of the times – the growth of not just fashion as a hobby for teen girls but the enormous expansion of fashion on the Internet, getting your style out there so to speak. The interesting thing is that I had a conversation last week with a friend of mine about this – how fashion is now so much more of an interest, not just a matter of dressing.

Back in ’07 it felt in a way that I was the only Irish fashion blogger. I probably was not, but that is how it felt. I remember I used to do searches on for fellow Irish fashion blogs, but to no avail. Now things could not be more different. It appears that in the past year or so a whole crop of shiny new Irish fashion blogs and websites have sprung up, and how good that is, proving that fashion has suddenly become quite the thing in Ireland.

Overall fashion blogging has changed remarkably since 2007... (And I can only imagine the difference since 2006 when a lot of my favourite blogs were established). Personal style (exemplified by Teen Vogue's Girl of the Week becoming Girl of the day only proves the growth of this) ... is the number one most important aspect of any fashion blog now. When I started blogging personal style was only left to a select few, and now...well everyone’s at it! And why not! It just proves that fashion is occupying a far larger part of society now, but what’s more, is that now more than ever before it is to be enjoyed by everyone, not just the elite. More so...and I hope you dear readers will agree, blogging has made fashion not just personal but fun.

And just to match the very lame post title..the text is interspersed with the changing faces of She's in Vogue...ahem..


Forgetmenot said...

Couldn't had say it better: fashion is much more than a way of dressing, it's an interest!
Nice post, I feel just the same :)

ana said...

wonderful post! i agree almost entirely :)

FashionsLaboratory said...

I couldn't agree with you more!!!

The Beautiful and Glammed said...

it is funny how much it has advanced and how many more girl (espcially teen girls) love fashion, far to many 12 yr olds are way cooler than half of the team that work with me at ELLE :) Love your blog! XX

Anonymous said...

lovely lovely post x..and I havnt forgotten about that sinus is driving me crazy right now (I'd like to look human when we meet) x

Becky Dazzler said...

Elle-girl had such an affect on me, I still have all my old copies now!!

Anonymous said...

I felt the same when I started my blog (although I really didn't consider myself a 'fashion blogger' back then...) because it felt like Ireland didn't have anything like the US/UK/Swedish/French blogs I loved to stalk and what WAS there wasn't really updated regularly.

Whenever I need wardrobe inspiration, I don't immediately grab the latest Elle or Vogue. I go to my Bookmarks and scroll through my favourite blogs.


Irina said...

Fashion for life!

Anonymous said...

I think it just took a long time for fashion to properly come to Ireland (and even now it's still confined to cities). It's only in the last couple of years we've gotten proper stores with properly fashionable clothes, like H&M and Urban! Although I do wonder if 'fashion' actually has arrived on the Emerald Isle when I'm on the Luas and see skobies with leggings as trousers and mullet haircuts *sigh*

discothequechic said...

Kat, this is such a great post. (And may I say that your blog is looking fantastic at the moment.)

As someone who has been blogging for almost 4 years it's nice (and dare I say brings a sense of nostalgia!) to hear somebody else note the changes since the start. I agree with you that most has changed for the better, and it's so true; remember when there was only a handful of personal style blogs?

Also I wanted to say, please don't be embarrassed about the name of your blog. The meaning of it has always been clear to me and readers of your blog know you well enough to understand you're not at all a show offy type of person!

Stevie x

Anonymous said...

In my opinion you are not right. I can prove it.

Kat said...

@Anon - Eh?!