Monday, April 5, 2010

april scrapbook

Although you can hardly say the summer is coming here..the skies are grey and it is raining currently outside my window..I am dying to get my hands on a very summery sheer white shirt. With denim, you have to agree, it looks very cool in that effortless, chilled California kind of way.
I love the look of these two ladies. So eighties and punky..and therefore, I love. The smokey eyes and bold hairdos, the edgy silver jewellery and killer stares. Yeah..something tells me we can't all be this cool..damn..
I know many think Giorgia Jagger is well..just a bit of a name, you know, not much of a model. While this is true to some extent, I do think she has got something..other than her surname and that pout. I adore this Vogue Italia editorial from some time ago. It's retro and romantic with wools and 60s' leopard print and Bardot hair and thick leather jackets...sure Lara Stone could have done it too, and maybe better, but I think Giorgia works pretty well.

I have said this before, but when in times of dire need of inspiration, Susie will always turn up trumps. This recent post was extremely inspiring. I loved all her looks, and have to post here just to remind myself of the brilliance that is.
I am not sure about you..but I am feeling a total hippy/boho revival thing at the moment. In the past, I have always kind of rejected this trend in a way..but presently, I am not ashamed to admit it that I am having second thoughts. Yes, my flakey ways have me fawning after a more hippy - ish aesthetic, and not least these slip skirts from Topshop. These remind me of something a fairy would wear..and in my books that is always a good thing..always..I do frown at the notion of being 'whimsical', however,..but sometimes it ain't a bad thing to aspire to when dressing..allows for a little freedom and fun..


tess said...

you'd look lovely in those skirts

WendyB said...

The Bardot look never goes away, does it? It's iconic now.

Anonymous said...

the sheer white shirt, i want to hug this post...(im not weird!)