Saturday, March 20, 2010

she's a lady

Hmmm I have been humming and hawing over doing this post with so long...really because, you know, who isn't a fan of Betty Draper, and well I guess I thought it would be kind of boring and 'done before'. But, then I thought, hold up here a sec, this is your blog Kitty, and if you want to indulge in a bit of Betty lovin' then hell, why not? Truth is, there has not been enough Mrs. Draper appreciation here at all, and in my opinion, that is a shame. The woman has to be television's best dressed lady, a constant source of elegance amid our jeans/hoodie obsessed society.

As much as I adore Mad Men (as do so many of my fellow bloggers), I realised that only about three people I know in my everyday life actually watch the show.. a shocking statistic, certainly! Therefore, this is also for the friends who read this blog and who I think would really like, even if they are not Mad Men aficionados, Betty's chic early 60s' attire.

Watching the show with my mother and sister, Betty's outfits always get a gasp from us. Almost every shot of a Betty outfit deserves to be paused as Bets looks impeccable consistently..even when she's wearing casual summer dresses and smoking at the kitchen table. The handbags, the hair, the full skirts, the ball gowns, the gloves, the red lipstick, the cigarettes, Betty is the tragic beauty with the most wonderful wardrobe. As much as the office banter scenes are interesting and culturally relevant, I have to admit, I'm generally just sitting there really waiting for another Betty scene as let's be honest about it, even if the show had terrible story lines (which it must certainly does not) one would probably still tune in just to gawp at Betty's latest wardrobe change.

So maybe, this Sunday, instead, of throwing on a pair of 'seen - better - days' jeans and a crumpled t - shirt, perhaps, tie a ribbon in your hair and prance about in an 'oh - so - pretty' printed dress. Do smile though, poor Betty scowls far too often..

shoes, dress, cardigan: Topshop, bag,necklace: Accessorise, lace gloves: Asos, sunglasses: Net - a - Porter


Julz said...

oh I love that style! bought a pretty dress kinda like the topshop one not so long ago and love it! And but of course... a smile is a must! life is good so smile and spread the happiness :)xx

rhonabethginny said...

OOOH I love her style! I was very tempted to wear one of my floral dresses (my fifties style one to be precise) but I feel they deserve a really gorgeous day. So I did opt for skinnies but with a pastel floral top with nude accessories and of course a smile. I hope that will do :) he he!

Krista said...

I just adore early 60's style so much! And love the cardigan in the bottom pic.

StaceySparkle said...

I adore the 60's style, why can't everyone dress like this everyday still! Was a truly glamourous era.

Check out my blog if you get the chance,

Love Stacey x