Tuesday, March 23, 2010

it's all fun and games

You know, a part of me wishes I was a colourful the literal rainbow - bright sense. There is something so refreshing about seeing someone willing to wear jovial bursts of colour, because lets cut to the chase here, the majority of us are pretty dull and boring, me included, wearing sombre gradations of grey/black/denim on a daily basis. It all gets a bit tedious and dreary really, especially that whole concept of to be 'fashion' one must wear head - to - toe slimming black. I'm a bit scared of zingy oranges, pillar box red and acidic greens and yellows, and I'm not alone am I? There is all that jazz about hair/skin tones and looking pale and putrid in brights..which let's be honest about it, might have some truth in it... but, I am not suggesting we transform ourselves into living, breathing boxes of Crayola, but rather a mere inclusion of some of those scarier colours into our everyday outfits.

That is the reason why I love Louise Gray's collections - they are fun and colourful. They have a lovely childishness to them, a mish - mash, anything goes quality that surely can only be admired in a time when fashion most certainly appears to take its self too seriously. Truth be told, Louise Gray's s/s collection is a world away from my own personal style, yet somehow, it makes me smile. There's plenty random layering going on with fluffy boots and pastel runners, bowler hats, patchwork, geometric shapes - once again Gray opts for a jester - like aesthetic, rendering it all as bit of good old fashioned dress - up box fun.

It was only by chance, looking through my saved images, that I noticed a kind of happy incidental likeness between some Picasso paintings and Gray's collection - they appear to correspond nicely due to the clashing shapes and colours of each and an obvious dismissal of the expected.


Charleston said...

these photos are incredible, like a playful treasure chest of colour and spark. its refreshing to emphasise how fun fashion is amidst all the 'serious' tailoring

Anonymous said...

Agree wholeheartedly. I love colour and wish I wore more of it. The majority of my wardrobe is grey.

Soooali said...

Great post! Congratulations to you on the nomintaion too! I've just got my ticket, so hopefully you do make it down in the end.