Sunday, March 7, 2010

in dreams

Oscars tonight, naturally I'm excited to see what the red carpet has to offer. The red carpet unfortunately, generally leaves me down. It tends to be pretty safe, fairly dull and too much asymmetrical shouldered dresses and Heidi Klum swanning about in red ruffles. I can still look forward to it though, after all, someone might surprise. If not, here is what my dream red - carpet would display this year. Looking back over my choices, it's easy to see that am quite enamoured with sheer, dusty pink and frothy white frocks currently. I like my women to be princesses!


rhonabethginny said...

I want all those dresses! Brilliant choices! Also looking forward to see what the red carpet has to offer!

Emma said...

Yeah you're right about the Oscars, it tends to be very safe. You could be lucky with your choices though, I can see either or the Alberta Ferritti or the Oscar de la Renta making an appearance!

tess said...

wow you really picked the best. the feretti is fabulous, love everyone. I predict a lot of these on the red carpet at the oscars tonight

LML said...

i hate it when they play it safe - boring!!
these are all great picks!