Friday, March 5, 2010

hey julia

I was supposed to be studying right now, but the mind can't help but wander. Currently, it has drifted into that wonderful sphere that is Julia Frakes' style. Julia has quite the magical style really - geek glasses, pork pie and boater hats, tights in quirky shades of lemon, lime and plum, swishy zany -printed skirts and hair bows. Julia manages to pull off the difficult crazy - eccentric look with a vitality and youthfulness that can surely only be admired. She takes chances but nothing comes across as try hard but rather put together in a way that suggests: 'I thought this would look fun, so why not?' Julia dresses fun, and really isn't that the only way one ought to ever dress?


tess said...

she's quite stylish, even though I have no clue who she is lol. must be a UK/Ireland thing?

Anonymous said...

When I interned at Paper, our computers were next to each other. She's an extremely polite and lovely girl but oh so skinny. She's also from a totally different world than me. She refuses to use public transport and has been wearing Balenciaga and Chanel for years.

Anonymous said...

love it!