Friday, March 26, 2010

all the pretty ladies

There is always something so lovely about Sonia Rykiel's collections that I can never quite put my finger on. Maybe, it has something to do with the smiley models and the happy - clappy procession at the end of the shows, or maybe, it is quite simply that her clothes are nice. Yes, nice, not the most awe - inspiring of adjectives there, but that is perhaps, that is never something you would associate with a Rykiel collection. That is not too say a bad thing though. I am advocate of things to be just nice sometimes, there's no need for this big, deep meaning behind everything, and Rykiel's clothes just kind of get on with. Pretty, feminine and wearable, but oh so pretty..

Rykiel clearly knows how to have some fun always so wonderfully exemplified by her brigade of non - scowling, high - fiving models..but in her clothes too. The pom - pom hats..I mean! Need I say more? Love! Silly, yes, a bit random, yes def, but yeah, why not? It's fashion afterall! And what's more, I always think when looking at Sonia Rykiel collection, 'Now, here's a collection for women'. Rykiel designs the kind of clothes that women really do want to wear.

Long lengths, plenty knits, blush pink, grey, white tights, some masculine tailoring, slouchy pieces...Rykiel, obviously knows the way to my heart..
PS. Off to Galway tomorrow for the Irish Blog of luck to everyone.


Annie Spandex said...

The bottom middle is so striking!

rhonabethginny said...

Hey good luck today! hope you win! Here is another little chainmail awrd... just for fun! check out my blog fro details! As always love the blog! x

The Style Strutter said...

Following your blog now:)! See you soon! xxx

LML said...

i always LOVE her collections! the esscence of french fashion!

Erin said...

Gooood luck! Oh I do love the gigantic bobbles on their heads...Sonia I.Love.You.

Love love love,



Soooali said...

It was so lovely to finally meet you on Saturday! Hope you enjoyed the rest of your weekend!